Product Support Lifecycle

Go Integrator Cara PC

Version Iteration Current Status End of Support Date 
4.0End of Support 31st March 2022 
4.10Supported 5th October 2022
4.1End of Support 
4.22Product Version Supported

Go Integrator Chrome Extension

VersionIterationCurrent StatusEnd of Support Date
1.10.16End of Support22nd June 2020
1.10.23End of Support3rd November 2020
1.12.2918End of Support1st April 2021
1.14.1173End of support20th July 2021
1.15.3765End of support3rd October 2021
1.16.4767End of support28th March 2022
1.18.6076Product Version Supported

Go Integrator v3 PC

VersionIterationCurrent StatusEnd of Support Date
2.317End of support1st March 2014
2.432End of support1st September 2016
2.540End of support19th February 2018
2.611End of Support20th July 2018
3.013End of Support8th April 2019
3.11End of Support22nd December 2021
3.20Supported22nd November 2022
3.21Product Version Supported

Go Integrator MAC

VersionIterationCurrent StatusEnd of Support Date
2.510End of support12th April 2018
2.621End of support21st June 2018
2.77End of support12th October 2021
2.80Product Version Supported

Go Operator

VersionIterationCurrent StatusEnd of Support Date
2.540End of support24th January 2018
2.610End of support6th June 2019
3.013End of support1st July 2021
3.20Product Version Supported

Go Wallboard

VersionIterationCurrent StatusEnd of Support Date
1.00.154End of support10th December 2018
3.00.38End of support1st December 2019
3.10.19End of support
9th November 2020
3.10.32Supported2nd September 2022
3.20.3Product Version Supported


VersionIterationCurrent StatusEnd of Support Date
2.612End of support
21st January 2020
3.11Supported15th September 2022
3.20Product Version Supported

What does “Supported Version” mean?

When you use a supported version and subscribe to Software Assurance, you can get technical support for the given version. If your version is no longer supported, we’re not able to provide support even if you have a valid software assurance contract and we suggest that you upgrade to a supported version or, preferably, to the latest available version.

Version Support Policy

Any new major or minor release is supported for a minimum period of 12 months. Please review the support table for latest information on supported versions.

Important Notes

Go Connect systems that are not licensed for Software Assurance will be unable to upgrade to later major or minor versions of the software. It should be noted that Iteration upgrades within a major/minor release do not require the Go Connect system to be licensed for Software Assurance.

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