Go Integrator Cara Version History

Additional versions of Go Integrator Cara are categorized into the following release types: General Availability and Service.

General Availability – Initial release containing new features and improvements, accompanied by all collateral materials.

Service – Iterative release, containing the same feature-set as the latest General Availability Release with updates and improvements.

Go Integrator Cara Windows Client Version History

VersionPublishedRelease TypeStatusEnd of SupportRelease notesBulletin January 2024General AvailabilitySupportedRelease Report Bulletin September 2023ServiceSupported17 January 2025Release Report
4.3.1 651514 June 2023General AvailabilitySupported28 September 2024Release Report 6515 Bulletin
4.2.5 536102 March 2023General AvailabilitySupported02 March 2024Release Report 5361 Bulletin
4.2.3 495621 November 2022ServiceEnd of Support21 November 2023Release Report 4956 Bulletin
4.2.3 417306 September 2022General AvailabilityEnd of Support21 November 2022Release Report
4.2.2 326810 May 2022General AvailabilityEnd of Support10 May 2023Release Report
4.2.0 236603 November 2021General AvailabilityEnd of Support04 May 2023Release Report
4.1.3 232028 October 2021General AvailabilityEnd of Support02 November 2022Release Report

Go Integrator Cara macOS Client Version History

VersionPublishedRelease TypeStatusEnd of SupportRelease notesBulletin April 2024General AvailabilitySupportedRelease Report5.3 Bulletin October 2023General AvailabilitySupported15 April 2025Release Report September 2022General AvailabilitySupported5 October 20245.2 Bulletin