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Focusing on time and saving money, our features contribute exceptional benefits to your telephone system


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Building seamless connectivity to over 300 integrations for CRM and Business System applications


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Supporting BroadWorks hosted uc platform, numerous products designed to deliver unified communications and CRM Integration

Search and Call

Teams Adapter can be added to Microsoft Teams, enabling Go Integrator Cara features from within Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration

Go Integrator supports a range of integration features with Microsoft Teams, including setting Teams as your preferred device and changing avatar images for colleagues

Call Center Toolbar

Enable agent management features with the Toolbar, CRM integration also supported with this interface

Latest Integrations

8 newly added CRM applications and 4 CRM moved from controlled to standard list

Activity Logging

Call tracking and logging in 20+ supported CRM applications

Stay Up To Date

Follow us on LinkedIn for weekly updates on product releases, newly added integrations, and events we are attending

Update to Version 4.2.2

Go Integrator Cara

Watch how seamless tying a telephone system to a CRM application enables for increased productivity and business growth. Also available, CRM integration demos that show the specific features for that application


Know who is calling before the call is answered by enabling automation to pop a caller’s record on ringing, Cara can also be configured to automatically create Call Logs in the integrated CRM

Let's Collab

Become a Go Integrator Cara Partner and Reseller – collaborate with Mondago

Call Pop

Automatically or manually pop a contact’s record from an integrated CRM or database

New Integrations and Updates

We add numerous CRM and Business System applications quarterly to our standard integrations list

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