Release Notes

Go Integrator v3 technical documentation will be produced and distributed alongside the launch of each software update.

Last updated 22 November 2021

Release Notes

Version Build Update
3.2.1 18541 Local SSL certificate self-generation and API access feature
3.2.1 18541 Call History and Recent calls now work correctly when creating phone activities
3.2.1 18541 Fixed issue with call settings flipping to incorrect page
3.2.1 18541 Retarget C++ projects to target Windows 10 (latest) and deploy C++ runtime 2015-2019
3.2.1 18541 New ChannelSetId after network disconnect
3.2.1 18541 CPU no longer spikes, when Presence is docked to monitor
3.2.1 18541 Fixed issue with focus stealing after config screen has been opened
3.2.1 18541 Resolved GoToMeeting detection
3.2.1 18541 Can now deflect to +nn numbers
3.2.1 18541 Exiting client deluminates BlyncLight/Busylight correctly
3.2.1 18541 Improvement to call control in presence window for Https
3.2.1 18541 Call control improvement for XSI-CTI
3.2.1 18541 Callstate fixed when “Show Presence” used with on Answer Call Event or double clicked on tray icon for XSI-CTI
3.2.1 18541 Fixed issue in OutgoingAs for CTI-TLS
3.2.1 18541 Improved logging of ACD monitoring
3.2.1 18541 Resolved Cloud Contacts not being enabled until saved
3.2.1 18541 Fix for ACD Unavailability if a user is enterprise
3.2.1 18541 Resolved Call event not creating Phone activity correctly

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