Go Integrator Cara PC and Mac Feature Comparison

Below is a feature comparison table for the PC and Mac Client versions of Go Integrator Cara

Go Integrator Cara

Feature PC Mac
Presence / BLF
Address book
Call history
Recent calls
Missed Call Notification
Call Control**
Preview window
Call Toolbar
Busylight support
Call settings
Preferred device (Multi-device support)
Search and Call App for Microsoft Teams Client
Show, Add, Pop CRM contact for call ringing/answered using Microsoft Teams Client***
Select Microsoft Teams as preferred dialing device****
Open Microsoft Teams Chat from Cara Presence
Show Microsoft Teams photo/avatar in Cara Presence
Show peers Microsoft Teams availability
SmartBusy for Microsoft Teams
SmartBusy for GoToMeeting & Zoom
Custom Events
Client API
Agent Features
CRM integrations (MS Outlook / Google Contacts only)*****
CRM Integrations for all other applications******

*Click to Dial Options differ from PC version

**Call control will vary by device type

***Require MS Teams direct routing (or similar)

****Require MS Teams direct routing (or similar) / Microsoft 365 Business Voice

*****Outlook Web Access on Mac

******List of Integrations will vary from PC version