Release Notes

Go Integrator Cara technical documentation will be produced and distributed alongside the launch of each software update.

Last updated: 05 November 2021

Release Notes

Version Build Update
4.1.3 2320 Improvement to handling new access code templates for the purpose of preparing to upgrade to version 4.2
4.1.3 2320 Resolved issue with Legacy add-ins which caused the client to stop working during calls
4.1.0 851 Changed Preferred device so that the default device is the Primary one
4.1.0 1182 Ringing sound now plays for inbound call on Softphone
4.1.0 1182 Tray Menu/App Bar tooltip and view header inconsistencies
4.1.0 1182 Added support for Cisco Token based login method
4.1.0 1182 Softphone > Connected call shows two preview windows
4.1.0 1182 Added the ability to choose the phone field from the ‘Quick Create’ button on the preview window
4.1.0 1182 Using Enter in AppBar Calls tab now is used to make a call
4.1.0 1182 Implemented subscription clean up to kill any “unwanted” active subscriptions after a set period – the default is 180 seconds
4.1.0 1182 Fixed issue where ACD /Call Centre unavailable codes were not being loaded
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: Client with Softphone enabled does not appear to detect network outages
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Google Contacts – No contacts shown when searching address book
4.1.0 1182 Removed the words “Virtual subscriber” from Presence when a device can’t be monitored by XSI
4.1.0 1182 Improved error message when failing to login on Xsi / Cti
4.1.0 1182 Agent Availability state is incorrect if set outside of the Broadworks platform on login
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: App Bar options have font case inconsistencies
4.1.0 1182 Improvements made to Call History – AppBar only
4.1.0 1182 Resolved the ability to redial international calls if you don’t have a DDI
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Outlook ‘add contact’ ‘Save and Edit’ not popping the contact in edit mode
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Outbound Calls with UC One a preferred device
4.1.0 1182 Added tooltip for send digits on Preview Window
4.1.0 1182 Resolved error message shown when deleting CRM integration
4.1.0 1182 Resolved error message shown when deleting CRM integration
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Microsoft Teams incorrect presence status for away
4.1.0 1182 Removed non-working events: Configuration-> Custom Events->Availability and Session events
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Login > Advanced – ‘Ignore invalid certificates’ doesn’t retain its disabled state between logins
4.1.0 1182 AppBar – The “Toolbar” button now acts as a toggle, to show/hide the Toolbar
4.1.0 1182 Resolved setting Outcomes via CTI causes a 5000 timeout error (HTTPs is fine)
4.1.0 1182 Improved speed of downloading the device profiles
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: Sip SendOptions bug on Broadsoft
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Screen reader taking focus from keyboard to mouse pointer
4.1.0 1182 Presence – Simplified grouping when not possible
4.1.0 1182 Improved error message when trying to unlock a new CRM that fails (for license reasons)
4.1.0 1182 Resolved: Recent calls in tray menu doesn’t build until Call History is shown
4.1.0 1182 When in Large Directory Mode, a peer now only appear once in search results, even if they are a “favorite”
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: Tray menu ACD translation issues
4.1.0 1182 Improved error message when adding a PPL contact with mandatory Phone field not set
4.1.0 1182 Softphone – Does not detect network up (Stays Grey)
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Toolbar shows Queue DDI rather than (my own number) – ‘Make outgoing calls as ‘ in Broadsoft is shown by default when disabled
4.1.0 1182 Removed non-possible Consult action from Bluetooth device
4.1.0 1182 Several changes to the AppBar (based on user feedback)
4.1.0 1182 Resolved netsapiens UK accounts not being detected as UK
4.1.0 1182 When switching to AppBar Help page, now changed the focus to go to the Search text box
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: App Bar options have naming inconsistencies
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: App bar mode: Call History > no tooltips when unpinned
4.1.0 1182 Now supports searching via extension number using Xsi devices
4.1.0 1182 Implemented support to use YahooId for teams integration
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Automatic Call activity logging saving the call log twice when preferred device set to softphone
4.1.0 1182 Allows support for simple XSI mode – providing support for only “Simple XSI device”
4.1.0 1182 Resolved Recent Menu building on startup and won’t show correctly until the user opens the Call History window
4.1.0 1182 Widened “New contact” Dropdown in Search from Appbar
4.1.0 1182 Presence – Peers – when we see the peer is on a call to an external number it now uses the CRM type searching to resolve it to a name
4.1.0 1182 Resolved conference setup call on Xsi Http causes an error message
4.1.0 1182 Added feature for static monitor of search results when in Large Directory mode – affects Presence and Tray search
4.1.0 1182 Further refinements to Large Directory mode searching on XSI
4.1.0 1182 Implemented Large Directory Mode threshold parameter to be set
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: Toolbar icons obscured/missing after changing language
4.1.0 1182 Changed the order of CRMs in Configuration so that the new “Venus” integrations appear first in the list
4.1.0 1182 Improved display order of Integration list – now using display name sort order
4.1.0 1182 Pressing enter/carriage return after typing search parameters in Presence no longer clears your search parameters
4.1.0 1182 Added support for email address to the Add Contact form
4.1.0 1182 The error “Call center feature is missing” has been converted to a warning instead (it’s not an error)
4.1.0 1182 Now forces a refresh of Call Settings when AppBar tab (Call Settings) is re-opened
4.1.0 1182 Further Dutch language translation fixes
4.1.0 1182 Resolved XSI problems still with AgentState
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: problems detecting self in Presence peer list
4.1.0 1182 Tray icon tip now shows the same text as the Session Control
4.1.0 1182 Translation: Toolbar > Translations – English button text and undersized buttons
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: Presence – When on a call, ‘make call’ is shown when you hover over a user sub-menu
4.1.0 1182 Softphone doesn’t resume after Windows sleep
4.1.0 1182 Added a new ACD page (when the user has “ACD” controlled feature) to the AppBar and Tray menu
4.1.0 1182 AppBar on the Right side of screen has bad width when you dock it (Problem for multiple displays only)
4.1.0 1182 Salesforce: Resolved “Phone Activities” not being available
4.1.0 1182 Fixed: Microsoft Teams – Presence status differences ‘On a call’ & ‘In a call’
4.1.0 1182 Unhandled Exception error when changing language with Toolbar visible

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