Our Story

Mondago provides desktop computer telephony integration (CTI) products to some of the world’s largest telephony manufacturers and service providers. One of the primary functions of our solutions is to provide telephony integration between the end-users telephone system and their preferred business application. Common implementations of integration include features such as “Click to dial”, “Caller ID preview” and “Contact popping”. Mondago partners with many CRM applications and Technology providers to supply telephony integration with their application.

Mondago was founded in 2001 and ever since has been based in Peterborough, UK, with additional offices in Arizona, USA and Utrecht, Netherlands. We have 7 million Client licenses sold in 6 major continents and over 500k Monthly Subscribers.

When the founders set out to write Computer Telephony applications, they were disappointed by the diversity of connection methods and lack of standards. It was clear that this was holding the industry back. So, rather than pursue writing a broad range of applications, we set out to be the world’s number one provider of Computer Telephony software. We don’t believe any other competitor comes close in supporting the number of telephone systems and applications as we currently do.

Where possible, we always use the manufacturers’ best protocol for talking to their system. Plus we layer on supplementary features using extra techniques.

Why the name “Mondago”?

We like our name “Mondago” because it’s short and to the point. It is a combination of “Monda” which hints at our “global” outlook, and “Go” which is our attitude of making things happen.

Initially, though, the name was originally chosen for another project. Our founder, Alex Rogers, has always loved languages and shortly after leaving college, he designed a web site to perform document translation between multiple language pairs. In time, other services such as Google Translate were developed there became less of a need for Mondago to provide such a service, so the web site was closed and the name effectively became available again.

Then in 2008, when “Tiger Software” (our previous name) was looking to take a big step forward, we chose to rebrand the company under the name “Mondago”. Although the software is a different concept it embraces the same ideas: Interfacing between many languages (this time it’s telephone system languages) and making it widely and affordably available. And human languages are important too. The software is available to use in 25 languages at the last count.


On screen presence

The first company to deliver a PC-based extension status. Originally this was called “on screen BLF” since it resembled the “Busy Lamp Field” that used to show the same information on handsets.


The first company to deliver incoming call data in a discreet, popup window that showed the caller’s information without taking keyboard focus.


The first company to deliver PC-based search-and-dial functionality to allow users to quickly search and dial contacts from any database.


We are still the only company that allows older and 32-bit telephone system drivers to run on modern 64-bit operating systems.


The first company to deliver web page scanning to look for telephone numbers in the text and to “hyperlink” them


The first, and possibly still the only company that offer full “one-handed” control of an operator console to allow the most effective console operation.


Advanced Optical Character Recognition algorithms to allow screen dialing from any place where a telephone number can be seen.


The first and possibly still the only company that can normalize any telephone number from one part of the world to the other.