Go Operator is a full screen PC Attendant Console designed to manage the distribution of large inbound call volumes.

It also incorporates many of the benefits of Go Integrator v3.


Call Control

Go Operator enables the user to easily control their handset with the click of a mouse with Make call, Answer call, or Transfer call


Webpage dialing, clipboard, TAPI, and application dialing are just some of the possible dialing techniques available

Address Book

Address book allows a user to simultaneously search the contact directories of all integrated business applications and call or pop a contact from the results

Screen Pop

Screen popping allows a CRM contact record associated with an inbound caller’s number to be opened simply by clicking an icon shown in the preview window

Call History

Call History window contains a list of a user’s recent calls and allows the user to Call back or Pop contact record

Auto Views

“Auto” tab will auto-populate the “Recent” section with a list of extensions that have been assigned to the same department as the called extension,
The Auto tab will show caller preview data for an integrated CRM and a customized greeting linked to the dialed DID number

"Presence" View

Use a wallboard type view to check if co-workers are available to take a call, are already on a call, are set as DND or if call forward has been set,

Set up personal Presence tabs and configure Go Operator to present the tab when a call to a selected DID number is received

Go Integrator Products

CRM Integrations

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Add Contact New Feature

With the new Add Contact feature, Cara users can publish customer contact information quickly and easily into any integrated address books, or copy from one address book to another

Find Solutions

Mondago products have more than CRM integration, they are packed with features that benefit the call handling experience

Preferred Device

Users can select which connected device they would like to use to make or receive calls, including the embedded Cara Softphone or changing the device to MS Teams

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