Go Integrator CE (GI-CE) is an extension for the Google Chrome browser providing a feature set similar to the Go Integrator desktop client.

GI-CE is a lightweight, easy to install (and update) version of Go Integrator designed for users who predominantly work in a browser environment. It offers the same feature set and interface across PC, Mac and Chromebook (intel based) platforms.

GI-CE now supports Activity Logging feature in Salesforce CRM application. Preview this integration to the right


Call Control

Go Integrator Chrome Extension enables the user to easily control their handset with the click of a mouse, Make call, Answer call, or Transfer call


Web pages can be scanned for telephone numbers and, when found, they are turned into hyperlinks to make dialing easy, Go Integrator CE can be configured to provide dialing directly from many web-based CRM packages

Address Book

Address book allows a user to simultaneously search the contact directories of all integrated business applications and call or pop a contact from the results

Screen Pop

Screen popping allows a CRM contact record associated with an inbound caller’s number to be opened simply by clicking an icon shown in the preview window

Call History

Call History window contains a list of a user’s recent calls and allows the user to Call back or Pop contact record

Presence Window

Go Integrator CE Presence provides a quick way to check the availability of your co-workers, accessible from the tray menu


Link a CRM with your telephone system to know who is calling and to quickly get their details on screen, now includes Salesforce Activity Logging feature

Recent Calls

Go Integrator CE has a recent calls and a call history list

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